Benson is aphotojournalist and filmmaker who focuses on capturing today's most pressingsocial justice and human rights concerns on camera. His works focus on societalissues and how they affect both daily life and society as a whole, with acareful balance of documentation and artistic license. Benson uses both stillphotos and moving pictures to present personal, human-centered stories thathelp us better comprehend what it is to be human.

Bensonis a professional member of African Photojournalism Database (APJD) and amember of 1884 photo (a group of photographers based in Nigeriaformed to tell unbiased stories of Africa from an African point of view and torespond to global issues through the African perspective using visualstorytelling tools).

As a result of his carefulattention to detail and strong work ethic, he has worked with a number ofreputable organizations, including Agence France-Presse (AFP), Vice News,Bloomberg, Financial Times, UNICEF (Liberia), Cherie Blair Foundation, ProofAfrica, Still Moving London, No Filter PR, LagosPhoto Festival, and NigerianPavilion for the 57th Venice Biennale Art Festival, among others. Additionally,he was nominated for the 2020 Guardian Agency Photographer of the Year award.

Additionally, Benson's workshave appeared in a number of publications. He currently resides in Lagos,Nigeria, from which he works all over the world.

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